Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coxen Hole Revealed

A few days ago I took my high school students on a walking tour of Coxen Hole. The objective was for them was see beyond what they see everyday and glimspe the beauty in this thriving community. I encouraged each student to see beneath the obvious exterior. These are their images and their words. Enjoy!

"Like everything in the world, this meek town is riddled with layers. Peel them back, and you get a jist of its rarely-noticed beauty." -Cheyenne Schaub

"I was able to see through the tourists’ superficial view of a “dirty town”. Chaos is beautiful. The old buildings, the new buildings, the dilapidated buildings, and the ostentatious, were all there. The sun shining on the water below the cloudless sky, the breeze brushing against my face as I viewed the boats and the docks that make the fishing community..."  Kaela Watkins

''The people were friendly, and the environment was calm, calm enough to see the beauty in the city.
Walking through the streets of Coxen Hole was beautiful, and refreshing to see that it isn't a bad place.''
Dimitri Midence 

'' The markets were stacked with vegetables, all on top of each other, some vegetables barely got air"
Karl Falkenroth 

''I noticed Ms Valerie’s mural which had various HIV/AIDS patients write about how they worked through the sickness. This was very deep
and inspiring because these people suffered through the virus and managed to still keep hope despite what was happening to them.''
 Jordan Watkins

" People spend their whole lives in one small area. The comings and going's common knowledge for all. Daily life in the forefront people working , living , suffering, loving. Just like people everywhere." 
Ms Berna


"The people have a compassion for everyone. They are so tightly knit and

help each other with their daily works. They show their love for
strangers with a smile and a "Buenas Dias".
Michael Moore

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have given in!

As I peruse the blogs of many childhood friends and acquaintances I am feeling pressured to succumb to the voyeuristic medium of the blogging world. It is, I must admit a way to share in the happenings of our daily lives and photos of our growing children. And since I still live so darn faraway, and I'm horrible at capturing moments on camera since I’m too busy living them, a blog it is! Let me warn you..... There will be no recipes, home renovations or staged photos. This is raw and uncut, life in the third-world. Where everyday is an adventure! Many people over the years have asked me on visits back home WHY?????? Why do you stay in Honduras? Well maybe what you see here will explain why .Hold on tight.....we are kicking ass and taking names!