Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the NOW !

There  are those of us who map out our futures, our lives, strategic planing , I believe it called. Then there are those that live right here in this very moment, with no ability to look beyond present circumstance. Many of these circumstances include hunger, lack of shelter and no money to even buy a uniform for $30 to send your child to public school. This is what many families in Honduras face everyday.
I'm not going to bore you with statistics about daily wages or United Nations stats on this country. You all have Internet , google it if you are interested. But I would like to tell you about a family that I had the pleasure of meeting that is facing these very same problems.
After a fire burned their house to the ground this family's home was rebuilt, but just as a shell.  No windows or doors just a concrete structure. The most surprising thing about this family is the fact there are about 22 children living in this shell. One would expect a kitchen the size of summer camp for this small tribe, but what I found was no refrigeration, a broken stove and a small wooden counter serving as a kitchen.
Who's at the helm?
Two elderly grand parents, with gentle souls and trusting eyes. I was invited into the intimate haven of their bed room a small bed pushed in the corner , with their Grand daughter on the floor, rolling around. On closer inspection the grand daughter has downs syndrome. The unfinished concrete leaves a musky smell that also produces large amounts of dust that  can be deadly for island children with asthma ( a condition that effects almost 70% of all children here.) Looking upwards I notice big gaps in the roofing where rain can pour in at any moment. 
As the children catch wind of my visit the small 8X10 bedroom fills up and soon I have counted 25 souls of all ages.
Apart from the grandparents bed I see no other bed in the house.Why? Because there are none.The kids and other adults are placed on the dusty, raw unfinished concrete floor. No blankets in sight, toys, chairs, food,shoes. Truly is an empty shell. Why so many kids? You are  wondering. I sure the hell was!
One of the mothers died a few years back leaving her daughter ( with Downs ) and about ten others.
The needs are endless....certainly catapulted me into a reality check. I will not continue with the bleak descriptions of their physical situation
The deal is I am,  with a few other individuals who would like to remain anonymous are going to assist this family in covering a few basic needs.
If you feel compelled to help with our efforts please email me roatanmidwife@yahoo.com
Again it is a privilege to accepted into the home of this very unique and loving family , let's give them a Christmas to remember!

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  1. God Bless you, the other anonymous individuals and the entire family, as you pull together to assist them in daily essentials that many of us take for granite ~ may the blessings be abundant for all of you!
    A. Debbie